Monday, March 25, 2013

A Field of Sweaters

The tie of friendship connects our hearts.  It's a real thread that runs through us, a fiber similar to wool.   Friend Karen who loved everyone deeply has left us yearning for her and found us filling in the absence with each other.  What a miracle that we are all now richly committed to holding the wider circle of friends in the same precious aura that she held each of us.

Unmade sweaters gazing and grazing
Driving one more time to Eugene to connect with those same, dear people is one of the Things I get to do today, and I'm basking in the birth of this vigorous season.  The Willamette Valley is filled with fields, many of them dotted with sheep.  Lambs are all over the place.  My wandering mind reviews the reasons for raising sheep: food and fiber.  The wool is friendly, cozy, comforting.  Karen and her knitting come back into focus, and I see now the immense green pasture as a field of sweaters, perhaps made from the fiber of friendship.  And speaking of dear friends, Happy Birthday, Therese.


  1. Nice thoughts. Beautiful place!

    1. It is indeed. Friendship and friends and wool sweaters are delicious!