Tuesday, March 26, 2013

In Lieu of Flowers

A room needs life.  Fresh flowers are the quickest, surest way to make that miracle happen.  My favorites are from my own yard.  Nearly all winter there has been some small speck of a blossom that could be brought in to sparkle the space.

If your garden has nothing yet to offer, or the cold, the grey or the snow cannot hold a bloom, consider just greens.  Nearly everyone has an evergreen shrub or a conifer within snipping distance of the house.  A plant that has gone rangy awaiting the spring pruning was my target of Things I get to do today.  The branch lopping over on to the sidewalk found its way into this arrangement.  Don't even miss the flowers.


  1. You are truly fortunate to live in a state that is famous for its fertile ground & lovely bloomers (as it looks like nearly all year long?). I adore the state of Oregon & hope to visit again someday soon. I've had seedlings/plants growing inside since last November. Just last week my Gerbera Daisy stated to bloom near the cold ledge. So I clipped the daisy for a vase & then another daisy bloomed & then I clipped that flower too. Not too familiar with these flowers so I'll need to check to see if they are, "cut & come again" bloomers? Now I just need to go pick some evergreens from the yard to compliment the flowers:-) I love evergreens too.

    1. Wow! You're braver than I to grow Gerberas inside. But I do with evergreens for an arrangement in each room. Easier than house plants for me. Good for you--growing your own flowers inside. What state are you from?