Sunday, March 24, 2013

Flesh and Bones

It nearly halted the trip.  I gasped, swerved and braked. How could this spectacular little tree have suddenly exclaimed itself in our neighborhood with my not seeing it?  It stopped me in my tracks!  But I was headed to Eugene, again, and collected my distracted wits, took my foot off the brake and slowly drove on, promising to give it proper admiration as soon as possible.

"Vulcan" Magnolia Tree

Back in Portland and nearly home at 6:30 PM, I searched the street for the little tree, did a U-turn and parked.  My nervous wave and a pointing to my camera and the tree brought the homeowners out for a chat.

Planted only two days ago, this babe will throw a
 flashy party for our neighborhood every spring.  Hooray!

They OK'd the Things I get to do today of standing in their flower bed for close-up admiration, appreciation and inspection of such flamboyant flesh and bones.


  1. Such a splendid little tree she is- with the most beautiful colors!

    1. Isn't she delicious? Glad you found her glorious! Add her bright colors to your list of Gratitudes! She warms my heart.