Monday, December 12, 2011

Between These Sheets

You wouldn't believe the fragrance in my bedroom.  If the smell of fresh air could be bottled and sold, someone would be extremely wealthy.  But for now bringing in the bed linens makes me feel rich beyond words.

This was the sky over my place today.

And here's what I did about it.  Sheets and pillowcases traveled through the wash then out to the line.  The pillows and down comforter headed straight out before the washer even started to fill.

About 4 PM I brought this precious pile of wildly perfumed bed clothes into the bedroom.  An hour later when I went to make the bed, I was nearly giddy from the bouquet of nature that filled the room. The best of the Things I get to do today is sleep in this space, between these sheets, on this pillow and under this comforter.*

*Get yourself a clothes line.  Watch the weather forecast and plan to create a little bliss for yourself one of these days!

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  1. Line-dried sheets -- the ultimate luxury.