Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Rosemary Magic

I love rosemary oil.  Love it on salads, love it for dipping bread, love it for a gentle saute. Unfortunately, shortly after rosemary and I met, the stores no longer carried the oil by that name. That's always my signal to get creative.

Found a recipe for making my own.  Purchased the extra-virgin olive oil.  Snipped my rosemary. Chopped the rosemary in the blender until it was quite fine.  Put the oil in a large pot on the stove and dumped in the chopped and, let me tell you, very fragrant evergreen.  Turned on the burner to medium high.  Watched the pot carefully.  When the herb began to sizzle in the oil even when stirred, I turned it off.

Rosemary fractals 

The rosemary oil cooled. Several hours later it had created the magic that I get to share with you--tops of the Things I get to do today--of how rosemary arranges itself when left alone.

Remember our connection

It has been said to improve the memory. I'm bottling it right now for gifts to give to old friends (so we can remember each other) and to new friends (so we can remember each other), and there's a touch of rosemary magic on each.

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  1. ohhhh, haven't opened all my Christmas presents from you -- arrived on Saturday -- and can't tell if any rosemary oil in there, but if not, try to save me some???? sniff sniff!