Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sniffing the Sights

December skies of Boston
We don't have many fall days like this in Portland, so while on the East Coast, Robbie, my new best friend, and I were eager to be out in it.
Ready to go
With Robbie as my tour guide, one of the Things I get to do today is explore the neighborhood.  Since the wee Robbie has short legs, it soon became evident that our area of investigation would be mostly on the ground.
And who really cares about the sights?   It's the smells can't be passed without a thorough appreciation.

A valiant lad with an enormous spirit, that Robbie is, and every bush, tree and pole belonged to him.  Even as an eager tourist, my camera wasn't fast enough to catch the first 30 places we conquered.




An attentive guide, Robbie made certain that we covered all the wonders of this lovely town.  And thank you, Karen, for a magnificent visit with marvelous friends.


  1. (ok, ok, Robbie, just one more comment about you, Ok? and then we'll play) -- you couldn't have said or pictured his approach to the world better: this is mine, and this is mind, and i might as well make this mine too!

    (deeper woofs coming from the bedroom; i'll read and read and comment and comment tomorrow!) good night, andrea, and i love you.