Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Taking My Time

Could you just hurry it up?  Folks taking their time do not frequently elicit our admiration.  So at the risk of running crossways of others' good thoughts, today, for all the Things I get to do today, I'm taking my time.

And where am I taking you as I take my time?  On a very short journey of exploration, one of mindfulness, if you will.   Working from the last word, "time":  being present,  fully occupying the moment, living to the edge of awareness, filling the space completely.  Certainly this is "my" time:  this is not about how any other being sees me or what they think I ought to be.  Good intentioned as the best may be, they can never fill my role as chief pilot in this boat called "me."  I'm assuming full responsibility for this space of time; I'm staking it out with full ownership.  It's mine.  "Taking": an active assertion of possession.  This will not be a passive process of languishing about.  It will be strong, focused and clear in its intent.

I'm taking my time:  I'm consciously aware of my role in what is happening to me.

I'm taking my time:  I'm strong and assertive in my activity.

I'm taking my time:  This is my time to be spent, lost, claimed, appreciated.  Only I can know the best course.  In all the universe, I'm the owner of this moment.

I'm taking my time:  Time is about savoring, feeling all that is to be felt, about depth and width and presence.

So as I listen to another, as I take a salt bath, as I rest with a nap, as I read, as I go to market for groceries, I'm taking my time.  I invite you, at your own good speed, toward the same.


  1. I hopped over here after seeing something from Aimee. And this is just delightful -- good for my soul and memories. Thank you. ~Maia

  2. Thanks, Maia! Good to hear from you. There are 92 posts to this blog that you can use to catch up on what's happening in your old neighborhood. Love and blessings to you!