Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Knitting on the Road

I suppose there are roads in the sky.  I knit most of this project there, flying home from Boston this past weekend.  The ribbing was finished before I left, plus a number of rows that secured the pattern.  A six-hour flight is just the place for making a piece move along.

"Sweater Seeds" (10-23-11) chronicled the bulk of a long-term knitting affair.  What wasn't said was that in the hasty and uncertain buying of yarn not recommended by the pattern and finding a pattern that was sort of but really not quite the way I envisioned the sweater and the crafting of the design as I knit that, oh my, there was a fair amount of yarn huddled down in the bag when the last stitch was cast off.  Since I'm short on knit caps/hats, making one to match the sweater was, of course, the answer.

Just as we began our descent for landing, I cast off the last stitch.  I love short knitting projects!  But now the next morning I'm on the road again, this time with my husband.  We're headed to Davis, California, a long drive from Portland by any set of measurements.  It's the perfect time to review the Things I get to do today and check off "finish the hat."

I grafted the back seam together and pondered the best finishing embellishment.  Pompoms are about the happiest things I know.  I wanted one of each delicious color attached to the top tassel.  Usually when one makes a pompom, it requires cardboard to wrap the yarn around.  But we are on the road, so I used my head and my hands instead.
Finger pompom maker

Finger-made pompoms

 A few miles closer to California and the hat is ready to wear, so bright and perky it makes me wish I had a tail to wag.

The camera missed the wagging tail

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  1. you are a whiz! how darling and perfect that hat is with the sweater (which others have seen only part of). clever solution with the pom poms, and perhaps easier than with the cardboard? or only a smart use of the tools at hand (har-har-har; the only laugh appropriate for such a bad pun!).