Thursday, December 29, 2011

Gifted by Friend

Karen lives close to Spy Pond.  That means we don't see each other often.  Spy Pond is in Massachusetts. I live on the West coast.  But our hearts are joined by a good many memories, events and shared interests, knitting being one of them.

"Indian Corn Scarf and Hat"
Morehouse Farm Merino Knits
by Margrit Lohrer
It takes much less effort to pour over a knitting book, soaking in the bliss of each masterfully crafted garment or project than it does to knit the whole thing into existence.  So when Karen and I visited, we poured over her knitting books.  Each volume was magnificent, worthy of hours, and the stack of volumes continued to grow in the short two days of our getting together.  It became stinging-eyed evident at 1 AM as I stubbornly refused to set aside the abundant buffet of richness in knitting that I was not going to devour them all,  not even one of them, and be able to relish the flavor, savor the fine taste, enjoy the feast.  At Karen's suggestion, I recorded the titles of the top six or eight scrumptious books.  These became my Christmas wish list.  My family was thrilled to have definitive and easy items to acquire.

"Diagonal Scarf"
Morehouse Farm Merino Knitsby Margrit Lohrer
"Garden Party Scarf"
Mother-Daughter Knits
by Sally Melville & Caddy Melville Ledbetter
"Spanish Combs"
Kaffe's Classics
by Kaffe Fassett

Christmas Morning, inside the wrap of four packages were books of some of the most exquisite and charming knits you have ever seen. Things I get to do today: "Select one volume to savor" and feel again the circuitously wonderful gift from my dear friend Karen.


  1. My sister Barbara is also a purveyor of a large variety of sweators, mittens, and anything knitted, knotted, tatted, crocheted and or patterned from yarn, string,etc. I on the other hand, have only let myself be challenged by less than a half dozen minor projects that turned into epic challenges. I still enjoy seeing the end product of other peoples efforts.

  2. Handy Andy, the Knitting Maven: this has been such a tremendous year for me: Andrea came to visit and we talked and knitted, using yarn from my stash as well as (in Andrea's case) my UFO (unfinished objects, Asta tells me); in March Asta and Marcia came and we sit and knitted, also using yarn from my stash. i sent Aimee Karen a few untouched skeins of yarn for her to use, all from my stash. and there is still plenty more in my stash -- but i'm avoiding all those alluring yarn sales, except for..........

    1. Such grand fun. Does life get better than this?