Monday, December 26, 2011

Chickens Forever

Roosters are forbidden in my yard (by the city) but not in my house.  I've had a whole flock this past year.  They came rather gradually, sneakily and quietly (unlike other roosters I've heard about) and settled into my kitchen after living for a time in my office.

A year ago December, a gift from a friend started the process.  The gift:  a mouse-pad calendar featuring the Rooster-of-the Month.  I loved it!  When it was time to bring up the next cock and his brilliant comb, I found a place in the kitchen for the previous he-man chicken: on my home-made wall calendar.

Flaming Roosters

This time I'm planning ahead.  We need a date tracker for 2012.  These chicken guys will all find their places in the new year-- it's on the rooster/roster of Things I get to do today--every cock gets his month.  These chickens are forever.

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  1. ah, i was wondering how far i could run amok! look out, andrea!