Monday, December 19, 2011

Pointy or Rounded

My cactus is late.  I found out recently that the plant I've been calling a Christmas Cactus is really a Thanksgiving Cactus--and it's late!  Here we are at Christmas, and the blooms just began popping out.

But no mind, it is beyond lovely in every aspect. Of the Things I get to do today, giving my two plants a shower bath is up next.  After all we have company coming on Wednesday and Thursday and Friday, and all the natural blings must look their best.

Some folks really gussy up for every holiday.  I heard of a friend's wife who hauls out 16 boxes of Halloween decor each October.  Oh, my!  For Christmas we do outside lights so that our Swedish neighbors across the street who have two small boys will not have to explain about the "older couple" across from them who for some reason are not in the mood for Christmas.  And we do a tree and set out a few other pretty little fancies we've had for years.  But we don't have even six boxes of decorations for Christmas.

The pointy leaves (top right of photo) indicate the earlier blooming plant.
Rounded leaves are the Christmas Cactus.
However, when my Christmas--oops, Thanksgiving Cactus brightens the distant corners of my house, I'm thrilled and want to help them show off their magnificence.   And I wanted to display the beauty of the flowers for all of you.   Spend a few minutes to "feel" the flower.  Sit with the delicate fabric of each petal, of the stamens and pistol.  Observe the awesome coming together of these plant cells to create this shimmering perfection.  The miracle of Christmas is all around.

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  1. mine is blooming too! i think Christmas, but maybe Thanksgiving. however, it/they have been known to bloom at other times of the year too -- spring, fall, maybe even summer. bless their wee small gorgeous hearts!