Monday, December 5, 2011

Hens From the Heart

I have a new flock of hens.  It's really small--two.  Based on what you know about my success with past flocks, you may be saying that's a very good thing.  And small is better, especially since these hens live in the house--on my stove.

Henrietta Spoon Rest
I have many friends.  A sweet small number of them are very dear.  And it surprised me recently to have two of them who live about as far apart as one can get in the USA--Boston and San Diego--gift me with chicken objects.  This charming spoon rest traveled over much of Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest USA to arrive at my house as a gift from Teresa.  A sweeter, quieter hen, you've never met.

Hilda Timer Hen

Then while I was visiting Karen in Boston last week, she surprised me with a more active, vocal chicken timer, who makes tick-tick sounds and then goes Bing! at the right moment.

It wasn't until I arrived home and set the two precious chickens, the two precious gifts from two precious friends on my stove top that I saw they were nearly twins.

Hilda and Henrietta at home

With gratitude, introducing you, my blog readers, to my flock of hens from dear, dear hearts is one of the Things I get to do today.  May I present Hilda and Henrietta!

***Additional posts added for December 3 & 4.  Read on.

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  1. you are right -- Hilda and Henrietta must have sprung from the same cluck-cluck! lovely writing as always, andrea. your Black Lace hens (i think that's their names) are among the most beautiful when it comes to patterning. let's see how many other readers find additions for this flock!