Thursday, December 22, 2011

Kitchen Dance

I have a one-butt kitchen.  Basically that means it's a narrow one.  If more than one person at a time plans to work there, everyone needs to know and maintain her/his position, or there will be a delicate collision.

Rum ball dough ready for sharping

So today my sister-in-law (s-i-l) and I danced.  All day, pretty much.  We knew our places: she at the stove, stirring, and I, gathering items for the next recipe and the next.  We were on a baking binge.  Each recipe filled with the best of the best was on the Things I get to do today.

Rum balls waiting for the snow storm of powdered sugar

S-i-l was in charge of balls.  She knows how to make them and break them: marzipan balls, whiskey balls and rum balls.  Wow!  She packs a punch.

5/8" whiskey balls wearing their Santa/Snowflake suits

Just butter, pecans and salt

And nuts!  Did I mention nuts?  Buttered Pecans and Pralined Almonds spread out on big baking sheets to cool.

Sweet and Crunchy 
Before we finished our last waltz, we added chocolate coconut macaroons, rum raisins and marzipan dipped in chocolate to the set.  And, on second thought, the kitchen size is perfect:  eat too many goodies and you have to stay out until you slim down.  Good thing all these treats are headed to the neighbors tomorrow.