Friday, December 30, 2011

Santa's Boot

I'm practicing my balance.  Many of us talk about how to balance our lives between work, play, diet, exercise.  But I'm talking about actual physical balance.  Those little tubes in the ears that help one stay upright are not in top condition for me on one side, so I pay more attention to steadiness on my feet.

Not too long ago I told all of you that I was committed to getting stronger and creating the body I wanted for the rest of my life.  Here to report that it is going well.  The muscles are enjoying the reason to be more alive and responsive.  I actually enjoy "pumping iron."  I used quotes there because the amount of weight I lift could probably more accurately be stated as "pumping popcorn."  That tidbit aside, the final activity of my workout is a two-leg heel raise done while standing on a ledge.  My usual routine is to stand on the edge of the hearth and hold the mantel.  Sometimes I really grip to keep steady.

Today is Friday.  The Things I get to do today,  on Friday, are my workout exercises, scheduled for Monday and Wednesday as well.  As I was finishing up with the heel raises, instead of hanging on to the mantel, I simply touched one finger to the toe of Santa's boot.  Magic.  Perfect, steady balance with no wobbles.  What a fun gift from this little critter helping celebrate Christmas.   The Holiday Season is nearly past, but Santa Bear may have to stay out until Easter.  Ho, Ho, Ho!  Happy heel raises!

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