Thursday, October 27, 2011

Really Good Dirt

My sister was under the weather.  But the weather was actually brilliant sun and blazing blue sky with shocks of yellow and orange-leafed trees thrown in for gaudy good measure.  Talk about insult to injury--not feeling good enough to be out puttering in the extravagance of a fall day!

In our family fresh, still-warm tapioca pudding is a comfort and get-well sort of food.  So I would make a pot just for my unfairly, under-weathered sister.  She would get most of it at least.  Cooks need to sample some of the wares for flavor balance and, well, just because it taste so wonderfully good.

Holds 3 cups and has no hole in the bottom
While the pudding cooled, I searched for the just-right container for transporting this feel-good "medicine" with an eye for a delightful and uplifting presentation.  That bowl is too big;  this one is too small.  That's a flower pot, not a bowl!

Indeed a lovely white flower pot from my favorite store had just come out of the dishwasher and was waiting on the counter for me to put it away.  Perfect size!

Pot filled with tapioca pudding.  Calendula (edible flowers) waiting to be "planted"

Very happy flowers "growing" in warm "dirt"

Perfect  uplifting presentation.  Oh, the Things I get to do today!  Here's a "Be Well" pot of flowers with Really Good Dirt.*

*After thought: cover the white "dirt" with 1/2" of crushed dark chocolate sandwich cookies for a more real black/brown "dirt" effect.


  1. i remember making tapioca pudding as a child: it seemed quite the ordeal -- warming, steaming, heating milk, pouring in the right amount of dry tapioca, then stirring stirring stirring on the stove. did i put in vanilla? yes, i'm rather sure i did. but the fun part was eating -- pushing those little tapioca buds against my pallet and tongue -- pop! pop! pop! why wait for whipped cream or homemade jam or anything other than those those pops in my mouth. rice crispies had no hold on me with their crackle and pop; where were those tapioca buds? yummy! if it weren't so early in the morning, i'd head right out to the store, buy a box of tapioca, and start making myself a batch. ah: pop, pop, pop.

  2. You're both making me hungry. Do you know how to make tapioca pudding from tapioca that isn't "minute" tapioca? I have some and don't know how to use it.

  3. Great idea with the flowers! So springy :) Your "dirt" looks so yummy. Thanks for linking up!

    1. Thank you for the opportunity. Best dirt around, right you are!