Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sock 'n the Face

What?  Getting a black eye is not on your "get to" list today?  Not to worry, it's better than it seems.

Sleeping away from home and not in your own bed can be the equivalent to not sleeping at all.  That started to happen to me.  Didn't have my ear plugs (no problem, I just press the "good" ear into the pillow).  The room became blissfully quiet. But the lights going on and off and the slight chill of the room and the pitifully inadequate warmth of the covers did not bode well for a restful night.

Beauty sleep mask in disguise
So I grabbed one of my socks, draped it over my nose, eyes and brow.  It was dark. Sweetly, densely dark.  And I noticed I was getting warmer already.  Covering the brow if you are cold, helps the body heat rather quickly.  It was quiet, dark and warm.  I had a great night.

Though you might not think a sock 'n the face is for you, I've permanently attached it to the Things I get to do today for whenever I'm on the road.  And I'm keeping this one on my night stand at home, just in case.

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