Monday, October 24, 2011

And My Mayor Loves Me

This compost thing has me really smoking.  And if you knew what I think about smoking, you'd know this is not good.  But dwelling on the negative goes against nearly every grain of my fiber so I've found a way to turn this thing around.

You remember how excited I was at the 1st of October over the fact that my  mayor was going to give me my very own brand new compost bucket.  I thought that was sweet.  And generous.  We won't go into how much it cost the mayor (by that I mean every citizen in town) to provide me with a compost bucket.

Taupe and tan are this season's new fashion must-have.
Wednesday it was delivered.  I found it sitting there on the curb next to the empty yard debris bin.  I loved the color immediately, though the size had me worried.  My whole thing about a new bucket was having it sized so the liners could be recycled bags from the produce I buy, as in "reuse".  The pretty bucket looked too big.  Once in the house, a quick test confirmed it.  Too big to fit any of the bags that come home from shopping.  My heart sank.

But what is this inside the bucket?  A four-color, professionally designed brochure on how to put kitchen scraps into a bucket.  And FOUR coupons for PURCHASING biodegradable plastic or paper liners for the bucket. They want me to BUY liners? Whatever became of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle?  My temporary gallon can/compost bucket is now on permanent payroll.  Just goes to show you not to lose heart over your temp employment situation.  You never know when a sudden turn of events will put you on full time.

I'm going to rethink my neighbor's suggestion.  My new compost bucket is going with me grocery shopping--as a purse--it's on the list of Things I get to do today.  If you'd like to show your support of the mayor's program, I'll see you at the market with yours.


  1. I can tell that your training in runway modelling is paying off! May you start a fashion trend!