Friday, October 28, 2011

Sunshine Wine

It's really just water.  But I "make" it in a jug.  It sits outside next to the house for enough days to get really good.  Here's the oxymoron:  it seems like nothing and yet it's absolutely everything.

I'm asking you to use a very generous dose of your imagination for the next couple of minutes.  Go to your faucet and fill a glass with water, filtered water, if you have it.  Set it on the counter.  Then pretend you can feel the good and vibrant healthy energy coming from that water.  Using both hands, palms toward the water and about three feet away from it, move your hands slowly toward your glass of water.  Stop when you feel a very slight pulse or tingle in your palms.  That's the edge of the energy "glow" of your water.  Likely, if you live in my town, your hands will be about a foot or less away from the glass.

Without sun energy, life on earth wouldn't last long.  We benefit from the sun energy when we are outside, and we benefit from the sun energy that is stored in the plants and foods we eat.  We could also drink in this sun energy.  That's what I do.

 Water collecting Sun Energy

I fill a glass gallon jug with filtered water, and set it on the South side of my house where it can get the maximum solar benefit.  It absorbs solar energy until I'm ready for it.  There's a gallon of sun water in the house that I'm drinking from.  When it is empty, I refill it and swap it for the one in the sun.  And that's the water I drink.

My Sunshine Wine
Using your same imagination and same process for measuring the good and vibrant healthy energy coming from the water, if you were to assess the "glow" of the sun water, you might find it radiated anywhere from two and half to three feet from the glass.  That is a remarkable difference.  And when you drink the water, that energy is yours.

If you are looking for a very cheap "high" and no hangover, start drinking your own home-made sunshine wine. It's one of the Things I get to do today (and everyday).


  1. making sunshine wine has to help some of us through the dark of winter. yes, i realize the importance of night and winter and dark, but how my soul longs for sunshine and light. to have always sunshine wine has to counterbalance that darkening of spirits during the winter. and i have the winter advantage: the water will be nice and cold!

  2. What an interesting post. I will for sure ponder this and maybe even go look for a glass water jug to make some water wine.

    1. For anyone not accustomed to thinking about the energy in and around everything, this is a real stretch. I use a type of energy medicine routinely to help my body heal faster if it needs it. This is just another application of that thought. And play around with the feeling of the energy. It is one thing to have me say it is so. It is entirely different when one feels it for themselves.