Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hit the Hay

I remember when I was little, and I haven’t been little for a long time. Since I’m over six feet, I had to start very young and just keep at it to get this tall. Nevertheless, when I was little, I was confused by the saying “hit the hay.”  I grew up on the farm.  I knew what hay was.  My grandfather grew it.  His field of alfalfa was across the road from our place.  That was hay.  Why anyone would want to punch the alfalfa was beyond me.

However, after a long day of plarking* which had followed a very short previous night of sleeping, I’m soothed by the knowing that sometime a smidgen before nine, I’m going to be in bed.  Fortunately I had figured out some years back, maybe when I was medium, that I didn’t have to spend the night slugging an alfalfa bale.  What they were really talking about was straw, which would make a much better mattress anyway with fewer poking stems.  

So right after dinner, I head back to the bedroom to prepare for bed.  Oh, yes, there are still jobs that could be done, squeezed into the last crack of my consciousness.  But I suffer no guilt or shame because I read it right at the top of  the “Things I get to do today: hit the hay before nine.”

*You’ll just have to figure out the meaning of this word on your own this time. 

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  1. in college i babysat for Delmer Davis' little boy, Ivan, who thought the sun, moon, and stars originated in me. how lovely to be the center of a man's universe, even if that man was only 2! but his dad was impish (not unlike Bud), and when bedtime came, he would say, All right, Ivan, time to hit the sack, and little Ivan would go into the kitchen and come back with a brown paper sack that Delmer would hold, laughing manically, as little Ivan with serious intent "hit the sack." Margaret, the most lovely of faculty wives, would say, Isn't this sad? Isn't this awful? See was a Dad is making his son do! Still Ivan every night would hit the sack, Delmer would laugh, and Margaret would lament.
    Luckily they had no hay!