Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Rest of the Story

The new Nora Jones--beautiful old lace pattern
Silver Penciled Rock
As my husband and I drove home Wednesday night in the rain from fetching two more hens, he posed an interesting question.  How many chickens had we bought in my quest to have a backyard (urban) farm?  It took me several times through all my fingers to arrive at an answer.  18 in two years.  You'd think we were running a chicken diner.  And no, we did not eat any of them.  Nor were they gone (dead) from my negligence though one of the hens was my teacher on being more careful.  Two went to other homes because of personality conflicts.

An actual  genealogy  would be both boring and confusing since, as I mentioned before, we recycle the names.  Short version:  We've had two Dolly Parton's, three Latifah's, two Reba McIntyre's, one Bonnie Raitt, two Nina Simone's, three Nora Jone's, one Bette Middler, one Aretha Franklin,  one Gwyneth Paltrow, one Lina Horne and one Katy Perry.

Katy--black hair, white skin and red lips--use your imagination, OK.
Barred Plymouth Rock
Our current count is six hens.  Most of the this flock have yet to lay their first egg.  That will be big news complete with pictures and proper accolades for the pullet's accomplishment.  Stay tuned for the rest of this on-going story. We are planning to have those same birds for a long time.  Things I get to do today:  keep my chickens from crossing the road.

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  1. what exquisite design in the feather pattern! if i lose my hair during a round of chemo, i want you to send me a nice picture of lace plumage? one of the black and whites anyway, and i'll have the pattern tattooed on my head. or maybe one of the reds???? hmmmmm