Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tartan or Utility?

Preface to any readers:  If you read this everyday looking for golden truth, don’t.  This isn’t the Gospel.  I make mistakes and, on occasion, even publish errors.

My husband pointed out a serious mistake that must go on my list of Things I get to do today very soon.  Apparently he had a “conversation” with his table saw (you remember the diaper blog).  The  Rockwell/Delta contractor’s table saw is a he-man piece of equipment and is definitely not pleased with the diaper image.  My husband felt certain that a kilt would be better.  Perhaps you’ve seen utility kilts.  They are grey or black or brown and are usually made out of a heavy cotton fabric, similar to canvas.  They are worn by very strong, big men, while they work, mind you.

It took awhile for this all to sink in for me.  I’ve made several authentic Scottish clan-tartan kilts of very fine wool.  These kilts have danced on stage and have run the “Kilted Mile.”  They have seven-inch deep pleats, and they quiver whenever they hear the pipes and drums.  And now I’m to make a kilt for the table saw?  Well, OK.  I’ll consider it, but it’s not top on the list.  And first I must know: is this kilt tartan or utility?

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