Sunday, October 16, 2011


That must be a word.  I looked it up.  "Purpose" means the reason something is done.  Repurposing is an upscale word for recycling.  When I'm "purposing," I find myself wandering around the house asking out loud to no one in particular, "I bought this thing in my hand.  How it is to be used?"

A good example:  A couple of years ago on one of my first trips to my favorite store I picked up a small piece of shaped wood.

99 cents.  Has to be good for something.

I bought it because deep inside I knew it had a purpose and in the right setting it could tell me what it was.  And I bought it because it cost only 99 cents.  And now these several years later, I did some purposing with it.  When I arrived at the paper towel holder in the pantry, the little shaped wood strip hollered out, "I'm home!" So was born "The Other Paper Towels."

At home next to the paper towels
One reason people grab the paper towels for a messy clean up is they
are so handy.  Now very tired old rags that can be thrown away or
washed are equally accessible,  Always good to have choices.

Some of my ideas really get me going.  You may have sensed that in the root cellar write up.   In all that "going" excitement, I can be a bit careless about measurements (it's happened at least twice in the recent past).  When the root cellar was finished, there was a bin/drawer to spare.

With this bin another episode of purposing began.  Starting in the garage which is neat and tidy by general garage standards but could use improvement by mine,  I held up the bin and asked how it was to be used. The workbench cupboard said "home" to three bin/drawers.  Here would be enough storage for a multitude of items on the bench that had been homeless statistics all their "lives." There would even be space left over for the little miscellaneous piles in the cupboard itself.  It should be noted here in all fairness that the orderliness of the workbench was never much of a concern to me until I needed the area for woodworking.

Next the purposing moved to the pantry.  I love to organize and reorganize--my spaces are always clean and neat long before they are thought about artistically (if ever).  Already I'm planning my next trip to my favorite store to buy the five similar-but-smaller bin/drawers that will fit in the pantry.

Am I off balance or just a little crazy?  Finding a purpose for something gives me thrills and chills and keeps my list of Things I get to do today long and luscious.  "Install bin/drawers" will be at the top soon.

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