Saturday, October 8, 2011

Wearing the Pants

Traditionally “wearing the pants in the family” means you are the boss in that group.  “Pants” was the symbol for a man since a woman wore a skirt or a dress, and in the old days men were usually the ones who had all the say so.  All that aside this phrase denotes a position of authority, of taking charge, of getting things done.  And today I get to wear the pants.

Not even mentioned in Things I get to do today is “put on the pants.”  It is understood.  By "pants" I mean my Carhartts.  They are boy-pants.  Meant for hard work with handy storage, they will go a piece before giving up to the trendy fashion statement (sorry I can’t read) of holes in the knees.

I have my very own pair.  In brown.  They fit perfectly in all respects.  They are hand-me-ups from my daughter, Aimee.  A hand-me-down is from someone older and bigger.  She is neither of these in relation to me.

Once I’ve put on my pants, tucked the phone into one pocket and a handkerchief for my sometimes-drippy nose (plarking• on things I love touches my soft spot) into another,  you can bring on all the “get to’s” you want ‘cause now I’m in charge.

•[see post "Diapers for my table saw" 9//20/11]

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