Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Herbal Experiment

Variety pack oregano 

I'm out of Oregano.  Many of my favorite dishes find this herb in the ingredients, so I really miss it.  Before I could put it on the list to remind me of the Things I get to do today while shopping for groceries, I smacked my palm to my forehead and said, "Well, du-u-u-h." There's a huge patch of oregano growing in my herb garden.

Scissors in hand, I marched out the front door to the space where oregano is shouldering out all nearby plants. Whack, whack and I had a fistful for the food dryer.

A few days later, the dried leaves were ground and ready to fill my spice container. But the smell was not familiar, dead-center, oregano.  I'd planted a "variety" seed packet in this space, and the "exotic" results I now had left me unsure.

But miracles are always in the wind.  Scruffling around in the freezer this morning, I happened upon my bulk jar of oregano and was able to top off the kitchen container.  Maybe if I eat more of this stuff my memory will serve me better and I won't need to do herbal experiments on myself.  Miracles are always. . . .


  1. No one likes oregano here, so that won't happen. We did do hot pepper seeds one year and they were used on pasta dishes more sparingly than the "store brand" we got when they ran out in two or three years.

    1. Without oregano there is no pizza! No Heuvos Rancheros! No Spaghetti sauce!

      But hot pepper seeds--now that really lights up a person's life.

  2. I too use very little oregano. But I have found stuff in the freezer that I forgot I had :)

  3. I am resetting up my herb garden in raised beds. The one thing I have faithfully grown since I was in my teens. So Andrea you know how long thaat has been. I had 4 different kinds of oregano. Loved using it fresh because it is so much stronger. It stores really well if you put it into a blender with a little bit of olive oil and maserate it. i then freeze it and or store it in the coldest part of frig. I have been known to make ice cubes out of it. Then I just take the small dollops that I froze and drop them into what i am cooking.