Monday, June 18, 2012

Clear Eyes for Clary Sage

Drooping beginnings of the clary sage blossoms

My herb garden last year was the beginning of an experiment. I bought what the catalog called seeds.  In truth eight of the ten packets that came in the mail had a tiny envelope the size of two postage stamps side by side that had a  little "dust" in the bottom.  That fine powder was the exploding mechanism the various herbs used for propagation.  Oh, my!

Pinkish white flower stalks

The powders were sprinkled on moist earth, misted frequently and even included as car passengers for a brief trip to the central part of our state--they needed infant-nursery attention at that stage of their growth.  Left home they would have died.

Elegant shapes dance and at some point
will make "dust"

As I contemplate what Things I get to do today in the yard,  I'm stunned by the distance between "dust" and this spectacular flowering plant nearly four feet tall.  Never underestimate small things, not short people, nor little children, nor tiny seeds.  Stand back with respect and prepare to be amazed.


  1. Wow! What an incredible blossom. I need several for my drawings. Is it edible?

    1. It is. Used medicinally for centuries. Do you want me to take more pictures for you? Could do that. Could also get you a start of the plant next spring.