Friday, June 1, 2012

Pack Your Parachute

Skydiving is well beyond the scope of this blog and blog writer.  A good figure of speech, however, must not be left unturned, so pack your parachute--since you'll be coming down soon, plan in advance for a soft and safe landing.

Not magazine-photo perfect,
but certainly ready for service.
All this mumbo-jumbo about being prepared came to me this morning after breakfast.  I didn't really want to clean up the kitchen, so I had a little chat with myself to take my mind off my "troubles" while I watched my hands tidy up and began wondering whether or not it made any difference for me in my day--this having the kitchen straightened up and wiped clean. Was I just OCD? That's when the parachute came floating down.

Here's what I saw:  busy day, lots of projects, needing a rest, wanting to eat something to restore my body. And it hit me.  Having a clean kitchen when my body was really tired and hungry meant that it would be so much easier to prepare some food for myself.  While I watched my hands wipe off the stove, another picture came forward:  tired body at the end of the day wanting an eagerly inviting place to rest for the night.  Having my bed made so that it beckoned me with love and comfort seemed so much better than tossing the mess of laundry off the foot of the bed and falling into the jumble of sheets and covers.

So there you have it.  Handy Andy's take on preparedness for the body.  I'll do it first thing before I launch into all the Things I get to do today and my body gets too weary to focus.  I'll pack my parachute when I'm clear and rested, because I know I'll be grateful as I'm coming down for a soft and safe landing.


  1. Yes, I force myself to do these things to make my life run smoother. I hardly ever get into an unmade bed!

    1. Well, there you go. The bed says it all.