Saturday, June 2, 2012

Reminds Me of Something

I guess I could use duct tape to cover the label.  The salt people are not paying me anything.  They do not know I exist.  So this is not advertising for anything or anybody.  This is about the ordinariness of life.

Filling a salt shaker is not the highlight of the Things I get to do today.  But I was paying attention to the process. Shaker wasn't quite full, but the "bulk" bag of salt was empty.  I held it in my hand for a moment because it reminded me of something--but what? The picture was hazy.  So I fiddled with the bag and its cap for a bit longer.

That's when I made the connection: this salt bag looks very much like the water bottle pouches that fit in my husband's ski jacket.  It is nearly the same size and holds two and a half cups of liquid I found out.  Hot diggity! I'm not a total recycling maniac, but it is always deeply satisfying to reuse something that was meant to be thrown away.

My new water bottle for cross country skiing (or hiking for that matter), is a winner.  Next Handy Andy task:  develop some thing so the little tiny cap doesn't disappear in the snow if cold fingers fumble it.  Ideas?


  1. Sharpie of a bright color (red.) I love when I can find other uses for empty containers.

    1. Contrast color would be a great first step. I'll do that for sure. Thanks, Kat.