Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sound of Strawberries

Hide in the bushes and make noise like a carrot.  You do remember the old punch line to "How do you catch a rabbit," don't you?  Why that came to mind as I tousled the tops of strawberry plants, finding red, ripe berries, I'll never know.

Ever notice that strawberries have little pockets for cream and sugar built right in?  
Nearly everyone's day starts with some form of breakfast.  All the Things I get to do today are not powered by just a cup of tea.  Our first meal includes a fruit, and in the summer we are so fortunate to have a variety of fresh berries from our garden May through August when the fruit trees come into their generous gifts.

The strawberries talk to me as they're plucked from their stems.  Some say nothing at all.  Others make a little snap as the stem breaks free from the plant.  But the one that caught my ear the other day and again this morning is the unique snap/pop combination that happens when the stem releases from the calyx at the top of the berry.  You know that sound!  If you've ever picked strawberries, it's the sound that neutralizes the stiff back and the pinching knee.  It's the sound that explodes with flavor on your tongue.  It's the sound that tastes like "mmm-m-m-m."


  1. I miss a strawberry bed and a raspberry patch. Especially the latter. They pick so easily. Raspberries by the 4th of July. That's coming up soon. I hope you have a rasperry patch.

    1. Indeed, I do. Berries the size of the end of your thumb (I have a big thumb) we are already picking and freezing! The canes have thrived with the chicken attention to their feet--oh, a good scratch, peck and a poo can make magnificent raspberry sorbet!