Friday, June 22, 2012

All I Know About Hyssop

Flower is about 2" tall

It isn't much.  Back in my childhood, we were drilled with Old Testament stories.  I learned that when the Children of Israel were in Egypt  and preparing to depart from their slavery, they used hyssop as a brush to paint lamb's blood on the lintel so the Destroying Angel would spare their first born.  That's my total knowledge bank/library on hyssop.

The top flower drops a suggestion of itself down
the stalk at each leaf intersection.

 But last year when the herb garden was thought up, camphor hyssop called to me.  And you're right; it was one of those herbs whose seeds look like dust.  Now the hyssop stands six feet tall, looks like mint and has tasty blossoms.  

A crowd of camphor hyssop

Things I get to do today take me by the hyssop compound frequently, so I pinch a fluffily flower and munch it on my way.  Minty, fluffy, with a gently sweet finish.  I'm learning.

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