Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Furry Little Critter

Heavily armored with elegant silver and gold

This splendid little fellow was hanging out on the tip of a mallow leaf today.  He/she (I honestly have not a clue) reminds me of an ancient warrior, in some sort of armor but with a shaggy bear-skin cape over the shoulders.  I wish I knew what this handsome critter was--something from the bee or wasp family I suspect. 

THINGS I GET TO DO TODAY:  admire this amazing fellow and welcome it to my garden


  1. what a cutie ..err...manly bug warrior.. :) I love watching nature just hum along too, it reminds me what is real in this world.

    1. ". . .what is REAL in this world." Exactly. So little of what we are told is real really is. Thanks for the depth of your insight.