Sunday, February 19, 2012

Tying Up Loose Ends

It took about half an hour.  That's all.  When it was finished, I felt good.  The scarf is the concluding member of the knit quartet:  mittens, sweater, hat, and now, scarf (see posts "Sweater Seeds" and "Knitting on the Road").

It's interesting that loose ends have such a fragmenting effect on us.  It's just a scarf, but looking at all the tails hanging out is somehow disconcerting.
Obvious loose ends

We have a words for this emotional/mental state:  he's all strung out, we say.  Most would call that a figure of speech.  It is.  But it is also so very much more.  When someone is "all strung out", their energy is flowing too many directions at one time--no focus, distracted, tired, spent--strings of energy going every which way.

Settled and altogether

For my scarf I took one tail at a time and settled it into its corresponding color in the body of the scarf.  If you're feeling like you are going too many directions at one time, you can also close down one thought or project at a time.  You can also "cheat", take a big pair of mental (not metal) scissors and just cut, cut, cut your energetic connection to all the distractions. Things I get to do today: allow a slow in-breath, hold for a few seconds, release the breath slowly.  Once more, in breath, hold, out breath.  Settled and altogether feels like who we really are.  Enjoy being yourself.  Enjoy being just you.

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  1. fabulous! how truly fabulous the whole set looks, andy. you know what we need now? a picture of you wearing all four! beautiful and talented -- whadda gal!