Friday, February 10, 2012

Practical Pat Meets Handy Andy

I finally gave in.  Yup.  Planned to buy those little square boxes of tissues that cost twice as much and last half as long.  Why?  It looked nicer on the dining table.  And I have to have tissues at the table.

Just slide a knife in the side seam and it's open

There's some strange mechanism in my mouth/nose that right-as-rain orders up a runny nose while I'm eating. An ordinary flat box of tissues has been available always.  The more handsome square boxes had slipped their way into the house via the guest bedroom, and now one of them has crept onto the dining table.  It looked so good there that it became part of the decor and was allowed to stay. (My fault).

All good things come to an end.  The box was empty.  The next shopping trip I knuckled in and prepared to buy a pallet of them.  But the "pallet store" had changed their designs and their colors. The earthy tones are out, and their current fad colors will not come home with me, let alone sit as a guest at/on my table.

Tissues inserted and ready to be closed up

Here's where Practical Pat and Handy Andy both strike at once.  Putting tissues in a box can't be that hard.  I popped open the empty square box.  Sure enough, not a tissue to be seen. Next I opened the end of a flat box of tissues,  slid them all out,  removed the top one inch of tissues, rounded them over gently, put them in the square box, pulled the next-up tissue through the hole, and closed the opened flaps.  A dab of adhesive (you pick your favorite), and it's done. Remember to put the flat box back together with its remaining tissues.  (This works only for top-tissue-out-pulls-the-next-tissue-up type.)


  1. Well now that's just genius.

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    2. You really do like these ideas. I'm sure there will be more created in the future, but for now, thank you! You might also like "Really Good Dirt" from the October 2011 posts.