Monday, February 27, 2012

Instant Gratification

Sometimes I just want it now.  It's been winter and wet for a long time, though my grateful heart acknowledges it has been mild.  Today was lovely with warm air and with plants sprouting hope everywhere.

A  real Crowd of Kale--Red Russian and Blue Scotch

Tyler, my yard-crew-in-one,  had transplanted some of my crowded kale into his garden bed.  He said it had doubled in size in two weeks.  I could do that!

Empty bed in waiting

I have more crowded kale and a garden bed that is just right for planting and transplanting regardless of the rain.

Instant Garden of Gratification 

Things I get to do today--please myself first and do it right now by making an instant garden.

Note to gentle readers:  I am away visiting my Mother this week.  The blogs will post automatically, but I won't be available to respond to your comments.

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  1. hope the visit was as successful as mine was! the sad news is, though, that in only two weeks, Mom has forgotten i was there. your list of 11 reasons for me to contemplate now has a 12th: It is a privilege to help her.