Sunday, February 12, 2012

Coaxing Back Her Youth--part 3

He can hardly wait until she blossoms.  We talked about the best part of bringing a tree back to life. Tyler was certain that it was hardly the shape, the fruit, or the shade.  It is, instead, the blossom time--spring, when she will blush with her own enthusiasm over the scent of the season.

So we will wait for the buds, the leaves, the flowers, the petals falling when a passing breeze admires this apple tree's new pink dress.  There may be few blossoms this first year as the tree finds her balance, but they will glorious in their freedom.


Tyler has completed the major structural work, and, for now, the pruning and cutting are finished.  In a couple of weeks, the ends of some of the branches will be finessed. The now-bare arms will soon sprout strong, lush green. But  it won't be until next year that she will be really pretty. Handsome and shapely are enough for the present.*

After.  The stream is now free to flow.
Vines on the banks are part of the contracted clean up: work in progress

Before (side view)

After--crowbar will help us take off the last
of the ivy

I've been on the ground organizing and cleaning up--the only Things I get to do today--all the debris, branches, and trunks that were removed from Dame Apple.  It took all day, it required considerable effort, it was closer to "work" than "plark", but it pleased me very much to do it.  Gifting wood will be on tomorrow's list of Things. . . 

Many sweet fires with the chiminea 

For the yard debris bin or the chipper

Great for the fireplace

Excellent for smoking meats, I hear
*Epilogue will follow.


  1. We had to hand clear a lot of our trees from vines that were choking them to death, so I know the rewards of seeing this happen. I cannot wait to see her in her new pink dress. Oh, how I miss the smell of apple blossoms. The apple wood will be great for smoking on the grill for sure.

    1. Wow, that must have been hard work. What kind of vines do you have in your part of the country?

      We will definitely have pics of the spring party-girl dress!

  2. All kinds. Honeysuckle, poison ivy, and some really thick vine that I don't know the name of. Also have muscadine vines that are so high in the trees we cannot reach them, and they are so good. All these grew wild here when we bought the land 26 years ago. We live in a town called Vinemont!!!

    1. Amazing! Barbara Kingsolver, in Prodigal Summer, writes about honeysuckle growing all over everything. Not too fond of poison ivy (poison oak grows well in Oregon). For us, blackberry vines are the most invasive. Berries are good though!

  3. Wow, what a wonderful project... You certainly are bringing a lot of loving energy to your area. I hope you're rewarded with a beautiful array of flowers & birds to enjoy!!! What a wonderful Valentine's for the neighborhood, both 2 legged, flying & 4... enjoyment for all! Lisa

    1. Thanks, Lisa. It's a gift still giving.