Thursday, February 2, 2012

Patience, Persimmon, Patience

Pretty as a persimmon--I think the saying is really "pretty as a peach."  And when one looks at a persimmon, one can see why.  A good one is not really "good" until it's super soft, a bit wrinkled, and very squishy.  Those of us who love Hachiya persimmons aren't going for the looks, however.  It's the taste that has us by the tongue.

A dear friend gifted me with twelve of these dandies a couple of weeks ago.  I shared with my mother and sister since they're nuts over them as well.  Then I set my four on the kitchen counter to watch, to squeeze gently just to check on progress, to admire, and to develop my patience.

The ugly one in the foreground is ready to eat.

Sweet insides

I've waited two weeks for one of these babies to be ripe enough to eat.  Today's the day.  In the Things I  get to do today is eat the first of four persimmons.

Gift of golden honey fruit


  1. Replies
    1. They are usually available at New Seasons around Christmas, but must be allowed to get totally soft. They are so astringent otherwise that you won't be able to swallow.

    2. I have a tree of the non-astringent kind: Fuyu. Remind me next fall to get some to you.