Friday, February 24, 2012

Commit to a Corner

Every time I pass it, there is guilt.  You probably have one, too--a little corner that has an odd collection of stuff that needs to be sorted through, put away or cleaned up.

Chicken stuff landing

Since it's a small area, it's not top priority--but every time you pass it, it sucks some of your energy. Mine is next to the utility sink in the pantry.  I stop there when I come in from the chicken coop. Chicken stuff that is not allowed in the kitchen roosts here. And since I wash my hands here when I come in, stuff is set down with a promise for later.  And later it has become.  Taking just a minute to clean it up feels terrific.  Tiny bit of effort. Big payoff.  Cuts the draining guilt pipeline.

So I've decided that about once a week the Things I get to do today will include "commit to a corner" somewhere that needs my attention.  Once a week is enough is ease the guilt and help me keep ahead of the stuff.  It can even be the same corner.


  1. It's the little things that make a big difference.

    1. So it seems. We often get swept away with the monsters, but they are seldom the root of the situation. "For the want of a nail. . ."

    2. brilliant -- just once a week, i like that. i can do once a week whereas trying to never touch anything more than once, like a piece of paper, a bill, dirty dishes, things that don't really have a space, is and always has been beyond me. knowing i will do it, however i choose to schedule it, will ease the guilt, make an opportunity to be proud of myself for doing something that isn't really that high in my list of priorities, will get it done. brilliant, as always, andrea.

    3. A-a-ah, thanks. Good to hear that someone benefits for this little blitz bits.

  2. Yes, I think we all have those corners......I like you have a place to put stuff that shouldn't go in the kitchen. Nice little corner.