Monday, February 13, 2012

Even Steven

The question caught me way off guard.  "Do you need someone to take away the wood?"  A helpful concern brought it forth.  Why did I feel funny inside when I heard it?

From "Coaxing Back Her Youth," you know I've been hanging out in the ditch with Dame Apple (tree) off and on for about 10 days, and not just holding her hand.  Tyler, friend and landscape/arborist, did the big tree-and-chainsaw work.  His skill and talent were not required for the clean up.  I could do that.  Clamoring up and down the steep, slick-as-slime, muddy bank, and hefting chucks of wood have filled in for my weight training and were the Things I get to do today for a couple of days as "tidiness and order" were restored to the work area.

Once-a-week pick up of yard debris 
So when the question came about the wood, for some reason I thought of "The Little Red Hen":  the heavy work is done.  Do I need help eating the bread (taking away the wood)?  Further reflection revealed that where help was truly needed was in removing the brush pile!  And a trade could be arranged. What a good idea!   Bring your yard debris bin, fill it with twigs and small branches, and help yourself to an armload of wood.  Even Steven.

Stuffed with apple twigs and branchlets

Many cans worth still waiting to be stuffed

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