Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Umbrella Patch

I don't do umbrellas.  Most people in my town don't.  Honestly, when we wear fleece and gortex, what's the use of an umbrella but to poke other folks in the eye or to run a river in your boot when it is folded up?

However:  The skies have recently opened up around here.  Our town is wet to the gunnels, though by comparison to flatter areas, it's dry.  So thinking of this fabric, wire and pole contraption more as a snorkel or breathing device is one of the Things I get to do today.

"Bat" needing a trip to the shop

I hauled one out the other day for a trip to the mail box.  It looked like a colorful bat with two broken wings. The metal tip that secures the fabric to its wire had gone missing.  Guess that's one reason I detest umbrellas. When they're good, they are very good. When they look bad, they are horrid. This crippled critter did, however, serve to get my Handy Andy juices going.

Not fancy, but it's functional
Bet that in this rain no one will
notice it doesn't match.

Found a little piece of soft metal. Shaped it to fit over the tip.  Slipped it on.  Sewed the fabric point to the metal.  Pinched the metal tightly to it wire. 

 Repaired the "bat."  Fixed the umbrella.  Good to go.

Broken wing all healed.

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