Saturday, January 28, 2012

Cheat Sheet

Blue sky means launder the bed linens.  Last week there was no visible sky.  It had fallen into great lakes about the town.  But it's drier now, enough so that if an item is left outside, you don't have to wring it out before bringing it in.  There's hope.

Cheating the weather in the winter--you know my extreme love of line-dried sheets--is a favorite of Things I get to do today.

Folded drying rack
Skinny and easy to store
Several items to consider:  1) shorter daylight time,  2) lower sun angle,  3) increased humidity,  4) colder temperature.  So I cheat.

First I start early in the day to get the most of the dry time.  After the sheets are washed I put them in the drier for about 10 minutes to remove the first 15% of the moisture.  Then out in the fresh air, I hang the sheets and pillow cases--nothing folded over so mloisture can evaporate as easily as possible.  When they are about 90% dry, or the sun is setting, or the rain is returning, whichever comes first, the sheets come in.  Here's the most important tip: all the linens are draped over this amazing rack from my favorite store that is placed over a heat register or in front of the stove.  Now the fragrance of the great out-of-doors drifts through the whole house.  A bit later, the sheets, still smooth from their out-of-body/house experience,  are ready for the bed.
When open this rack has 27 feet of line drying space!

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