Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hot Toms Wanted

The hens are in a huddle.  Since it's pretty clear they're not into football, it is safe to say they are helping to keep each other warm.  This morning distinguished itself from last night by changing from moderate rain and 40 degrees to a clear, cold 32 before light eased in.  The thermometer says 39, but the chickens know it is not warm--drippy wet and numbing.

Waiting for the guys to come by

Setting the coop straight (that's country talk for putting things in order) each morning is a chore I love.  While at that task, I noticed the girls' banner had lost its grip on one corner and hung limply at an angle.  A moment later the lone coop advertising sign was righted and readable. Looks like Things I get to do today includes getting the word out for my chilly chickens: Hot Toms Wanted*.   These teenage hens are so ready.

*Story of the sign:  TOMS makes a delightful line of fabric footwear.  "With every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need.  One for One."  Each purchase comes with a shoe bag or banner saying "TOMS."  The company encourages creativity with these items. That's a fit for my style.   Since my city does not allow roosters,  I decided to use my banner to help my hens and enhanced the wording a fair amount to boost the message.


  1. oh la la! are these little cluck-clucks not of a chaste American heritage? have they given over to the more exciting Maurice Chevalier chicken? in the looney toons, it is PePe le Pew who has the prominent lower lip and the meltingly french accent; perhaps perhaps perhaps, we need a frencie version?

  2. I think they'll settle for anything right now. Katy Perry Chicken thinks I'm the one and hunkers down receptively every time I pass her in the hen pen.