Sunday, January 1, 2012

Breakfast of Blessings

We had waffles for breakfast--a million other families in the world probably did the same this morning.  But ours were magical.  I'm just eccentric enough to create a breakfast like that.

Our waffles included 3/4 cup of flour made from grain I grew in my garden.  I didn't grow it on purpose.  Straw added to garden beds to keep in moisture and keep down weeds had seeds in it.  It grew.  I let it.  As the seed heads matured,  they were collected into a paper bag.

The grain was threshed, winnowed and ground (quite a process for so little wheat by one with so little experience).  It was to be baked into a special bread to bless the family.  I had hinted in my mind at creating something while all the family was home over Christmas.

But this morning the little jar of flour was still waiting in the pantry.  A special, slow-morning breakfast with honey yogurt and pure maple syrup over home-grown-grain waffles was the perfect blending.

They were superb:  crisp, slightly sweet, full-flavored with a hint of crunch from the home-milled flour.  If any other of the Things I get to do today is as good as this beginning, it will be one fine day--and I'm planning right now that all events will equal or surpass this.

Breakfast of Blessings

May your New Year have such rich blessings!

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