Monday, January 2, 2012

Lay, Ladies, Lay

Bob Dylan probably didn't raise chickens.  His lyrics (with minor adjustment, I must admit) have been ringing in my (chicken's) ears lately.  "Stay, Ladies, Stay. Stay in the nest awhile."

Eggs laid on a "big brass bed" on New Year's Day!

Things I get to do today: learn to count to four!  When it comes to counting, I know what "0" looks like in the nest. That's what we have had since the first part of November.  Straw, straw and golf balls.

We had four (4) eggs today!  That's a big number for this chicken/egg (did I get them in the right order?) farmer. I'm just tickled tan to be able to tell you about this, 'cause it means I'll have eggs to share very soon.  Take a number, be on my sweet side and we'll see what the Ladies can do!

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