Friday, January 27, 2012

Pulse to a Paste.

I'm not good at mincing garlic.  Peeling it is fine.  Slicing is OK.  Mincing just never quite gets there. All the recipes in my book that call for garlic say "minced." So mincing three pounds of garlic is one of the Things I get to do today.

Three-pound bag of peeled garlic cloves

Short cut.  This yearly process is my savior in the kitchen.

Step one:  buy bulk peeled garlic.  It's not quite so fresh as a head from my favorite market, but if it's been unused on the counter for a month, that's not fresh either.

Pulsed to a paste

Step two:  put one pound at a time into the food processor.  Pulse until it becomes a very coarse paste.

Bagged and flattened

Ready for the freezer

Step three: place about 3/4 of cup into zip-able small plastic bags.  Squeeze out the air and flatten.

Step four:  Double bag and freeze.

To use:  break off  "clove" size pieces to use according to the recipe.  Done.  No more mincing until next year.

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