Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Abbotsford Police

If I ever needed to call the Police, I want the ones from Abbotsford (BC, Canada).  I'm not expecting to need them.  And if I did, I know that precinct would not respond.  Nevertheless, of all the Police Department personnel I've seen, these folks have it together the most.  Here's how I know.

Michael Johnston: bagpipes@gmail.com
At the local yearly Highland Games in July, all sorts of contests are held to determine beyond a question who is the Greatest Scot.  Who can dance the best, play the drums the best, play the pipes the best, throw a stone weighing about the same as a German Shepherd the farthest, throw a stone heavier than an extra large Thanksgiving turkey the highest, turn the caber (throw a telephone pole 16 feet long end over end)? And, of course, who can win at tug-of-war?  That's where the Abbotsford Police (Pipe Band) come in.

Their team always wins, besting all the Great Scot winners (who each could pickup and throw the heaviest member of the opposing team) and even the U.S. Marine Corp team.  From the observers' point of view this is how they do it.  They work in the absolute precision needed for a Pipe Band, not a nano second out of sync with their teammates, and they ratchet in very small increments, relentlessly, inch by inch by inch.

Fulfilling my strength training commitment today pulls up the Things I get to do today, and I mentally watch the Abbotsford Police Pipe Band play and march.  I see their tug-of-war team making the slightest bit of headway over and over and over to unbeatable success.  I understand that even the tiniest advance when repeated enough can move anything.  I don't need to call the police, but drawing on their example fuels my resolve, my muscles, my strength and my success.

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