Monday, January 30, 2012

Chicken Toys

You can tell a man by his toys.  Is that true?  In my opinion our forms of entertainment reveal significant information about each of us.  Football, basketball, baseball, soccer, hockey?  Movies, TV, video games? Climbing rocks, climbing mountains, scratching and pecking in the dirt?  Oops--my hens got in there again.  I'm easily entertained by my chickens.  Let's put that out in the open at the beginning.  And what on earth does that say about me?

The point is my chickens require nothing outside their regular environment to entertain them.  I'm pretty sure they aren't aware of the concept of entertainment.  The rest of my point is I'm looking for a positive thought about "pulling weeds."

Example of excellent toy
Perfect choice for a chichen
When the girls' greens became in even shorter supply a couple of weeks ago, I found myself wandering around the yard removing small green plants  not on the landscape plan that I thought the hens would enjoy.  You could call it weeding, but that was not my purpose.  I was gathering greens for the chickens--greens and toys.  Since the ground is now slimier than then, the gatherer in me set out right in the middle of the Things I get to do today on a similar mission to find more stuff to make the egg yokes orange and to add to the chicken toy box. I succeeded beyond my finest hopes, collecting several buckets of fun times.

The girls going through the "Toy Box"
So my chickens are entertained by weeds.  I'm entertained by chickens.  You're entertained by hockey and perhaps by this blog.  What a fun and whacky world we live in!  Look at all the good times we are providing each other!  Thanks for doing your part.


  1. Sometimes I'm entertained by weeds too.

    1. You probably take great pictures of what others call weeds and turn them into art!

  2. Thanks for entertaining me today! mentalweeds are fun too!

    1. You're so welcome. Mental weeds. . . ideas that grow up that are in the wrong place or that you didn't plant? Ideas to be discarded to the chickens? That's a fun one.