Monday, January 21, 2013

Why Is Everything So Easy?

Welcome to "Farm Girl,"  to "chenningsen," and to "Sarah"--all new followers of this blog about Things I get to do today.  If you read often, you know that the contents are from the far corners of my experience, that I write about what inspires me, and that sometimes you'll be able to feel what I feel--you'll be inspired, too.

This magnificent Sequoia doesn't struggle.  Ease. Flow.

Remember:  don't do anything you don't really love to do!  If you have to do a particular thing that you are dreading in some way or feel obligated to do, find another way to look at the task, find a way to love it before you move forward to do it.  You'll be excited every morning with the myriad of ways you get to play and soon you might find yourself asking, "Why is everything so easy?"

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