Monday, January 7, 2013

Waste Not, Want Not

The adage smacks of frugality.  Pinch it in often enough, and there'll always be enough to pinch. Of all the Things I get to do today, I'm taking a long moment to see another aspect.

Here's my go at it.  If I use what I have, honor where it came from, am respectful of its presence, then it can be abundant in my world.  It is safe for it to show up in my space.

Not fit to eat like this
That's how I've come to save the last of the persimmons.  These late-to-ripen orbs were barely golden when we snipped them from the tree just after Thanksgiving.  The brilliant orange ones were gifts to my mother.  A whole wheel barrow load were sorted out, given away, eaten, eaten, eaten.  By Christmas all the really good ones were gone.  Those that had not ripened enough on the tree were pale and softening.  They make good pickens for the chickens, but lover of persimmons that I am, I do not eat them in this state.

Four shelves full for the food dryer

From a true desire to honor the life in this fruit sprang the idea to try drying them rather than pitching the remaining box of soggy globs into the compost.

Good for all winter!

It was magic.  Bland mush became sweet-like-a-date chips to snack on during the winter--a delicious gift.  I am abundantly fed.


  1. Hard to belive those rings in the dryer had such ugly exteriors. Lovely outcome.

    1. I agree, Joanne. I think it's part of the honoring thing--that something very good can come from something icky. The dried fruit doesn't look all that great either, but it tastes terrific.

  2. I would absolutely like to try one of those. :-)