Monday, January 21, 2013

Grow Your Own Pineapples the Easy Way

Pineapple incubator!

Trumpets!  Fanfare!  The impossible has happened from something that I didn't know existed.  Admittedly not knowing about pineapple seeds is my fault.  Under different circumstances, I could have known about these little black specks. See post "Pineapples Have What?" from 10/20/12.

I had collected a half teaspoon of the seeds, determined to make them sprout.  Personal determination has nothing to do with the will of the life in a seed.  It sets its own timetable which said three or four months. Sources on line gave several suggested ways to help the life in the seed explode into a plant.  I chose the "damp paper towel in a baggy" method.

Cutest Babies you've ever seen, right?
The seeds are about 1/8" long.

The baggy went on top the refrigerator, which in the old days was a warm place.  That's different now.  After six weeks I moved the baggy incubator to a warmer, more consistent heat source, the top of a salt lamp.

And today, while chatting on the phone with my sister, I casually inspected the baggy to check for any signs of mold (the only thing yet to grow in there).  Her ear is probably still ringing from my wild squeals, "Wait! Wait!  You are not going to believe this!  They are sprouting!"

After settling enough to explain "what" was sprouting, I realized that there is a new item for Things I get to do today:  set up a plant nursery for a dozen baby pineapples plants.  And this is just the beginning.  Who said it would be easy?


  1. Great good luck to you. I've sprouted apple seeds, but nothing ever came of them. So, the pineapple nursery will be fun.

    1. I'm so excited I nearly wet myself! Thanks for the encouragement, Joanne. You can bet your sweetness that I'll keep you posted.

  2. The past few times I broke down a pineapple, I thought of saving the seeds, but have not. Congratulations on your little babies. I hope they grow up to be fine young pineapples!! I would be very excited too!

    1. Oh, yeah, I was curious about your salt lamp.