Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Double Duty, Beauty Forever

Can't throw away a beautiful picture.  It seems a sacrilege somehow.  Once captured, a scene is forever.  But if these scenes are on a calendar that a few days ago became obsolete, then what?  What to do with the calendar?

Julie Furber Photography: recycled!
All these earth shaking questions baubled about in my head while I fingered the exquisite but useless 2012 calendar.  From a drawer of old stationery, I unearthed 20-year-old notecards designed for a previous business venture.  Things I get to do today with great enthusiasm are trim off the calendars and double-stick tape the photos to the top quality cards, covering the business logo.  

Two of the cards are already in the mail--on their way to starting their own "forever."


  1. You are just so creative! Great idea.

    1. Don't know if it's me. These ideas just leap out of nowhere (or somewhere). Bet you could do it, too!