Friday, January 18, 2013

A Dog Knows

There is do doubt. When a lusciously warm day crops up in January, a dog knows what to do with it. It helps to have a table--to get closer to the sun. Then stretch way out for a generous sunbath, do a little personal maintenance, give a yawn and prepare for an exquisite nap. If my list of Things I get to do today were as smart as Bailey Dog's, I'd be well cared for, stress free and nearly in heaven.

One thing for certain, the dog knows how to live. Just give him a green table.


  1. Replies
    1. Amazing what the right color will do for a person. What's your best color?

  2. Our dog Petey apparently is not that smart. We have a picnic table he could sun on, but he chooses the very wet ground. He loves to sun! And after all the wet weather we have been having, it is a challenge to find a "dry spot" to sun. Bailey is a very smart dog!

    1. Well, you know how it is--bragging about ones own grands. They are always a shining example of smarts. We are all pretty tall folks in this family. Perhaps Bailey Dog just feels more like one of the family when he's a little taller.